KABE & DR.NOJOKE - Clonefixnature

How would it be when we could substitute nature by just cloning it?
Would it help to understand how precious and unique it is?

It was a dark day after working 70 hours that week. In front of our agency a big construction site. Workers, loud noise, cement-mixer with big tubes, pumping the cement in a huge hole in the ground. That reminded me of how we manipulate nature in almost all its fields by just forming the world like we want it to be. This thought fitted perfectly to the meaning of Dr.Nojoke`s track "clonefixnature". To keep it simple I just used the captured material like I filmed it and did not use any color corrections.

music: Dr.Nojoke
video filmer, editor and director: Kabe
producer: UNOIKI
Name of Film: Clonefixnature
Length of Film: 4:33




Produced for the UNOIKI label for the upcoming DVD compilation.

Premiere: 13th july 2012 at sound in motion festival, toronto.

Storlon: music & sound
Silvana Rogazione: film & visual production
Etienne Cordonnier: voice & text
producer: UNOIKI
year: 2012





Videos collected here are planned to be compiled on a DVD.


The videos from Silvana Rogazione/Storlon - The Snake and Kabe/Dr.Nojoke - clonefixnature had its premiere on the Sound in Motion festival, Toronto, on July 13th 2012 at the Bizune, Event Gallery.