UNOIKI calendar 2010 - April

Storlon | 0410 | The Snake


Time is too slow for a desert life

My eyes reflect its surface very well

Do you hear the rain in my head

And the fields come alive

Not a trace of desire, faces in disguise

Do you taste the color of my skin

Here come the rising tide

Will you escape your life, lost inside your story


Ride the snake as our last chance to survive

Ride the snake as honey from the hive


word credits: Etienne Cordonnier


Artist: Storlon

Title: 0410 | The Snake

Format: mp3/flac/ogg

Release date: 07-04-2010

Art#: UICAL0410

Artwork: Jonathan Mangelinckx

Mastering: Tobias Lorsbach (Keinzweiter)


Great track! Excellent elements and construction! :)


Gorgeous track !


:)))))) Goooooood stuff!


Great track ! Very trippy and deep



great project and lovely tool : in my mind a vision this amazing track with a fat broken_low end element .......really inspiring :)



superbe, beaucoup de présence et d'émotion!!! félicitations!!


This is a great trip! very meditative