UNOIKI calendar 2010 - January

J-Lab | 0110 | From the Hip


The opening track of the UNOIKI Calendar 2010 is made by J-Lab, who moved exactly one year ago from London to Berlin.
It was a very cold, but also beautiful wintertime and he probably had that in mind, when he created his track “From the Hip”.

Artist: J-Lab

Title: 0110 | From the Hip

Format: mp3/flac/ogg

Release date: 01-01-2010

Art#: UICAL0110

Artwork: Jonathan Mangelinckx

Mastering: Tobias Lorsbach (Keinzweiter)



DJ Tosaka (cism radio, Montreal)

...i guess i'll play your tracks every mounth cos the project sounds really exciting. ...
i'm now happily going old thanks to your calendar...


DJ Paizan (Anorakism, UK)

lovely mellow track - look forward to what future months will bring from unoiki


David Last (USA)
Nice track, pure 'no genre' music. Enjoyed.
The calendar project is a nice idea!
Looking forward to more music from Unoiki.


Jason Glanville




great! what a way to ring in the new year... looking forward to more more more!!! :)



amazing work buddy, have just listened to twice in a row, love the way it takes my mind on such a beautiful journey :)



Nice track!



Very nice track!


Christoph Schindling

special stuff !! really cool



fantastic deep and atmospheric track.