UNOIKI calendar 2010 - June

Humeka | 0610 | Polar Dissim


Humeka – the mysterious man from France – goes deep into experimentation.

Polar Dissim sounds as labile and disoriented as the world is fragile.

Deeply wounded by economic crises, wars, piracy, pollution, global warming, climate changes, over-population, overfishing and the latest oilspill in the Gulf of Mexico the track seems to seek for a way out of this labyrinth where we are in over one´s head.

In the last part the track accelerates turning into a hopeful mood, but with a big question mark at the end.

Artist: Humeka

Title: 0610 | Polar Dissim

Format: mp3/flac/ogg

Release date: 01-06-2010

Art#: UICAL0610

Artwork: Jonathan Mangelinckx

Mastering: Tobias Lorsbach (Keinzweiter)



HEARTPEELS/ RI /Workpeace 

Yeah! After Revolution Solaire, Bended, Wormhole and few other tracks from UNdefinition compilation, this is my new favorite stuff from UNOIKI! You people are doing quite amazing things! Keep up the good work.






fantastic! so edgy, and hits hard, yet still mellow vibe....classic humeka :)


The Automatic Message

fucking rad!!



Lovingly Unsafe !!! (: