double album
four different artworks
limited edition of 100
handmade packaging



IDM, Ambient, Clicks, Glitch, Minimal, Techno, House, Experimental


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UNOIKI celebrates its third anniversary with a special jubilee edition:

UNO-IKI-SAN - Sixteen tracks spread over two CDs hold in a handmade packaging in four different artworks! Bang!


Each packaging is a foldable poster and sculpture let you explore space, light and music in a very playful and extremely beautiful way.

For the first time Jonathan Mangelinckx surprises us with photos on his artworks.




1 Andres Marcos - Five Steps

2 Superlauncher – Aleister

3 Ten and Tracer - I Did No More Than You Let Me Do

4 DDrhode – Tanhayi

5 Humeka – Reso

6 J-Lab - And on To The Stars

7 Cleymoore - Círculo Doze



1 Paralelo - Fabrik

2 MRZ - Randensaft

3 choenyi - Artifact Coincidence

4 Jesse Voltaire - Kleichas

5 Dr.Nojoke - Ramause

6 Tendts - Trea

7 Strukturator - Cloroom

8 Storlon - Labyrintine

9 Easy Listening – 12131