limited CD edition of 100 copies 

handmade packaging

five different artworks



1. sul.a - Révolution Solaire

2. MRZ - Bended

3. Offtopic meets Sven Laux - 1 + e

4. Storlon - Undefiniton

5. Superlauncher - Wormhole

6. J-Lab & Hagen Daz - Unrequired

7. Ten and Tracer - Panta Rhea (Undefined Edit)

8. choenyi - De Fin Ti+ Ion

9. Humeka - Blow Back Down

10.Andrés Marcos - Texas Instrumental

11.Dr.Nojoke - 15/16



"Undefinition means more than not defining. Neither is it just re-defining. It expresses an urge for a perpetual state of change, an urge to feel oneself opening up to the plurality of reality.

Undefinition is rooted in discovering that the stability of human existence is not placed in traditions, systems and rules, but in the possibility to play and wonder; that humans, through play, can experience more of our reality."

 - Marianne Klausen (full text here)


UNdefinition is the title of the very first UNOIKI album compiling tracks from a well-respected bunch of producers, when it comes to innovative, visionary and cutting-edge electronic music and combining it with great artwork, special packaging and an philosophical essay!

UNdefinition is a risky trip into grey spaces exploring and discovering new musical ways, undefining static categories and searching for connections and relations between club and experiment or pop and art.
The producers were encouraged to forget about rules and limits to create music with a free, open mind reflecting about "UNdefinition".
So it is no wonder that the eleven tracks merge styles from IDM, Clicks & Cuts over Glitch, Electronica to Minimal, Dub- and Deep Techno in a clever, refreshing and emotional way.

UNdefinition is the first part of the trilogy: UNdefinition - Evaluation - Definition.


Artist: Various Artists 

Title: UNdefinition

Release date: 25 April 2010

Art#: UI001 / UIDIG001

Format: limited CD / mp3 / flac / ogg


Artwork/Packaging: Jonathan Mangelinckx

Text: Marianne Klausen

Mastering: Tobias Lorsbach (Keinzweiter)


p+c UNOIKI 2010





Paraphonic (Ornithopter/Load and Clear)

A real pleasure to check out this great compilation in anticipation of its release! As refreshing as it is pioneering in its vision and scope, UNdefinition offers an inspirational exploration into electronic music. Both innovative and adventurous from beginning to end the compilation builds upon a wide range of musical influences in a very interesting and thought provoking range of styles. Free from the confines of traditional electronic music categories, UNdefinition is both visionary, cutting-edge and evocative at once in its outlook and shall offer us many hours of inspirational listening for years to come! It's great to see a label collective doing something really different and experimental in these times. So great work to all involved @ Unoiki in making UNdefinition what it is... and of course the enlightening philosophy of Marianne Klausen!

Thanks Unoiki !! :¬)

Doudou Malicious (MultiVitamins/Safari Electronique)
Thanks a lot for the promo. Great compilation
"Sul.a - Révolution Solaire" is my favorite, but "Offtopic meets Sven Laux - 1 + e", "Superlauncher - Wormhole", "J-Lab & Hagen Daz - Unrequired", "Humeka - Blow Back Down", "Andrés Marcos - Texas Instrumental" are great too.


Sebastain Russell (Telegraph/MultiVitamins/My Best Friend/Adjunct)
Deep and cinematic, great compilation.


Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair/Living Records)
"MRZ: like the pads with the oddly looping melody / Superlauncher: reminds me of the darker plone songs...nice and moody / Humeka: i think i copied this song for my album...heh... love it / Dr.Nojoke: wooo eeee! spirally very bizarre beat... i like!"


m50/Area (Echospace/Wave Music/Mathematics)
I like the compilation. Definitely on the abstract side of things, excellent quality control. Bended is hot. 15/16 is super trippy. I like Definition as well... I can't give feedback on everything yet as I'm still digesting it, but certainly look for support from me on this.


Chaton (Plak/Perspectiv):
"what a nice project ! high end electronica, adventurous sound design...reminds me Mille fav' tunes are from Choenyi and Storlon...full support from plak"


Jeff Samuel  (Trapez, Poker Flat, Logistic)
"this is a great first release. i like track 2 the best but there is a very wide range in this compilation. it's nice to hear a label really trying to do something different."


Kane Roth (LesIzmo:r/ MultiVitamins)

I listened the compilation a few times and I don't want specially to speak about one track, but for all pieces, it's a very good combination all pieces are different and fit good together.


Pheek (Archipel/Leftroom/Roman, Photo)

Artwork is outstanding and music is nice :) Good job guys!

Kai (Sued Electronic/Alphahouse/Enliven Music)
"it´s a great compilation ;) my fav is blow back down/humeka,

1+e/offtopic meets sven laux, 15/16 /Dr nojoke,
but all tracks are very beautiful. i will listen heavy rotation.



Tilman (Klamauk/Leporelo)

Mir gefällt das Gesamtkunstwerk der Compilation. Macht einfach Spaß anzuhören!

Favoriten hab ich auch nicht so wirklich, obwohl Storlon, Humeka, J-Lab und Sul.a

machen mir besonders Spaß. Ich finde alle toll, obwohl, der Humeka ist schon Bombe! So fröhlich :-)






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Comments: 7
  • #1

    jan (Friday, 27 November 2009 18:27)

    really specific sound.a bit cold for me.

  • #2

    humeka (Friday, 26 February 2010 21:38)

    Jonathan is making really amazing works, I'm proud he made the artwork!

  • #3

    Tobi (Saturday, 27 February 2010 18:54)

    Very nice!

  • #4

    am (Monday, 01 March 2010 13:52)

    exceptional packaging design! great mastering, and... music! wow!

  • #5

    Hervé B. (Wednesday, 24 March 2010 09:54)

    Unclassified !!! Wonderful work.

  • #6

    Kane Roth (Friday, 09 April 2010 02:49)

    I like to listen some unstructured sound in the morning, it gives me a lot of inspirations, specially because artists are completely free when they create this sound, they can express themselves entierly, without restriction...all that to say that I listened the compilation a few times and I don't want specially to speak about one track, but for all pieces, it's a very good combination all pieces are differents and fits good together.
    Sometimes I think some tracks are a bit cold but, when I listen whole compilation I find something interesting in each pieces, maybe it's not an accessible music but very interesting for me :-) thanks!

  • #7

    Maurizio Vitiello (Thursday, 26 August 2010 14:34)

    this is a great start for the label... bravo!