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Downbeat, Ambient, Kraut, Glitch, Clicks, Drone, Experimental


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  1. Zeefeel
  2. Multiverse
  3. Strontium
  4. Transmutation
  5. Habitat
  6. Catalysm
  7. Borg
  8. Akrolyth
  9. Echoton
  10. Moon Socket



Superlauncher is Tobias Lorsbach from Mainz, Germany, active under diverse monikers like Keinzweiter, Lavajaz and more - also managing his own label spontanMusik.


Tobias is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, producer and mastering engineer for all UNOIKI albums with a fine sense for detail and crispiness, quite comparable to productions from Burnt Friedman for instance.


He takes us on a trip though the realms of down-stripped music and as his name Superlauncher evokes you could call it easily lounge music or easy listening, but what a trap!


“Catalysm” is a very coherent work offering associations and connotations in so many directions perfectly balancing and blending diverse styles like early electronic krautrock, trip-hop, clicks & cuts, IDM and ambient.


Tobias is a musical acrobat without any doubt juggling around with noises, harmonies, textures and melodies in a quite complex and very emotional way at the same time


- undescribable - uncomparable – just as great music should be – just music and sound!



Artist: Superlauncher

Title: Catalysm

Release date: 01-05-2012


Cat.#: UI006

Format: ltd CD-R (100 copies) / mp3, ogg, flac



Artwork: Jonathan Mangelinckx

Mastering: Tobias Lorsbach