release date 05-05-2014


  • Limited to 50 copies
  • Each cover individual
  • Handmade cover 
  • Artwork by Jonathan Mangelinckx



The BERLIN WALL OF SOUND is a phonographic field recording project on 'radio aporee' initiated by J-Lab.

It was realized as an audio-visual performance from TRIoon on the Netaudio Festival Berlin in 2009 to the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


The album was recorded in 2012 by J-Lab and Dr.Nojoke jamming along through the field recordings, edits and loops from the original performance.




  1. Bornholmer Strasse
  2. Havel
  3. Neue Strassen I
  4. Lohmühle
  5. Zirkus
  6. Baustelle
  7. Wachturm
  8. Gueffrey
  9. Neue Strassen II
  10. S2
  11. digital bonustrack: Fabrik




Dedicated to the memory of all those, who fell and suffered in the Cold War, not only in Berlin, but everywhere.




BWoS on radio aporee


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Netaudio Festival Berlin 2009


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