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Ambient, Glitch, Clicks, House, Techno, Electronica, Minimal, IDM, Experimental


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1. Storlon - Laai

2. DDrhode - Roots

3. Superlauncher - Open Water

4. J-Lab - To the Southern Cross

5. Ten and Tracer - Wanna Eco Idle

6. Andrés Marcos - Transmissions

7. Dr.Nojoke - Nouvelle-Calédonie

8. Jesse Voltaire - Caledonian Tapestry

9. Humeka - Transit



New Caledonia is an island in the Pacific Ocean.

It is so far away from the rest of the world, that it seems to be a perfect hide-away and a projection of our innermost desires and dreams.

One of our UNOIKI artists is moving to this beautiful place and so it just was perfect for us to reflect about our vision of paradise, about our dreams and desires, about change and exploration and courage, but also about loss and all, what you leave behind.

Design and packaging is invented by our man Jonathan Mangelinckx again, who produces all covers by hand himself!





release date: 10 November 2012

Artist: Various Artists

Title: New Caledonia

Release date: 10-11-2012


Cat.#: UI008

Format: ltd CD-R (100 copies) / mp3, ogg, flac


Design/packaging: Jonathan Mangelinckx

Mastering: Tobias Lorsbach