limited CD edition of 100 copies

handmade pop-up packaging

six different artworks


IDM, Glitch, Downbeat, Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Minimal, Techno, Spoken Word




1. Storlon - Jaze Baqti

2. Andrés Marcos - Lucida Console

3. Keinzweiter - Bitfunk

4. Dr.Nojoke - Indoor Cocooning

5. Offtopic meets Sven Laux - 8 + t

6. MRZ - I Don´t Believe

7. choenyi - First Visit

8. Ten and Tracer - Doving Fluttercotes

9. J-Lab - Doubt

10.Humeka - Frog Legs

11.sul.a - Ap_xrst_2

12.Marianne Klausen / RJ Valeo - Not Letting the World Escape



"Evaluation is systematic determination of merit, worth, and significance of something or someone using criteria against a set of standards.” - Wikipedia



What is left, when people are gone, when the lights go on?

What is left, when the glam and the glitz of the last night just looks like a vanishing dream?

What is left from the adrenaline and all the sexiness, when the rhythm changes?

There is no need to dance anymore!

Time to evaluate!



EVALUATION - The third album of the international UNOIKI collective - presents twelve subjective views on modern electronic music behind the curtain of club-music

evaluated by talented producers and thinkers such as Storlon, Andrés Marcos, Keinzweiter, Dr.Nojoke, Sven Laux, MRZ, choenyi, Ten and Tracer, J-Lab, Humeka, Sul.a, RJ Valeo and Marianne Klausen, who wrote the little essay 'Not letting the world escape'.


Jonathan Mangelinckx designed a spectacular book-sized pop-up packaging with six different artworks.

As a special guest we have RJ Valeo on voice, sound, production and mastering of the text 'Not Letting the World Escape'.


Evaluation is the second part of the trilogy UNdefinition - Evaluation - Definition.



Artist: Various Artists

Title: Evaluation

Release date: March 24th 2011

Art#: UI002

Format: ltd. CD-Rom / mp3 / flac / ogg


Artwork/Packaging: Jonathan Mangelinckx

Text: Marianne Klausen

Mastering: Tobias Lorsbach (Keinzweiter)


p+c UNOIKI 2011



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