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Ambient, Kraut, Clicks & Cuts, Electronica, Drone, Experimental


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  1. Standstill
  2. Silent Rage
  3. Maraona
  4. Floating between the Poles
  5. Static Shock
  6. Displaced
  7. For Sohrab
  8. Suppressed
  9. Listen

Note: Track 1 and 9 do not contain any sound intentionally!



Frank Bogdanowitz alias Dr.Nojoke, mastermind of UNOIKI, has shown many musical faces in the last decade with releases and remixes on labels such as Archipel, Autist, Resopal, Eintakt and many others. Mostly known for his field-recording-based abstract techno music, which he calls Clikno, here Dr.Nojoke presents a different musical palette of ambient colours deeply inspired by kraut, early electronica and kosmische musik from Germany as well as by clicks & cuts.


Dr.Nojoke: “Unexpressed stands for all my ambiguous and ambivalent feelings about the system and the world I am living in - feelings like a rollercoaster I don´t know how to express in words. Music seems to be a way. Unexpressed is also an attempt to understand what is inside of me. It is a very personal album.”


Marianne Klausen, thinker and writer of the UNOIKI collective, contributed the text Standstill raising the question of progress and if we are luckier through it. The text is printed on the front of the transparent slipcase of the CD.


Track 1 refers to Marianne´s text – a moment of standstill and it contains no sound at all. Same for the closing track Listen, which implies the message: When we hear nothing what do we hear?

After a first moment of confusion we are thrown back to ourselves - then probably starting to hear what is around us: The sound of the world – nothing else Dr.Nojoke tries to capture.




1 Standstill

2 Silent Rage

3 Maraona

4 Floating between the Poles

5 Static Shock

6 Displaced

7 For Sohrab

8 Suppressed

9 Listen