REdefinition is a remix project with twenty-two remixers!


We invited some of the most interesting and exciting music producers to work on their reflections of the original UNOIKI tracks from the "UNdefinition" and "Evaluation" compilations.


The Automatic Message (CAN)

Komsomol aka Sohrab (IRN)

Berk Offset (GER)

Polar Aviation aka Paraphonic (GBR)

As We Said (HUN)

Kimathir (USA)

Kuoyah (UK)

Trigerfinger (GRE)

Urbanoise (GRE)

ocp (POR)

Marlene Magnoli (GER)

Cleymoore (POR)

Jesse Voltaire (CAN)

Zzzzra (FRA)

Dimitar Dodovski (MACEDONIA)

Area (USA)

Andrew Duke (CAN)

Tanaka Hideyuki (JAP)

The Marx Trukker (GER)

Plaster (ITA)

Dupois aka Kwamina of Dualism (SUI)

PierrotheMoon (FRA)



We think this is a list of producers that has to be watched definitely if you are into experimental dance music between minimal, glitch, IDM, techno, dubtechno, dubstep, ambient, drone etc.



We released all twenty-two remixes on two separate limited CDs - as usual in a innovative handmade packaging by Jonathan Mangelinckx!


"REDEFINITION 1 - undefined"

"REDEFINITION 2 - evaluated"