[UIPOD002] TRIoon - Berlin Wall of Sound


TRIoon is a audiovisual live-jam project

of J-Lab, Dr.Nojoke and Servando Barreiro for the visual part.

Initiated by J-Lab The Berlin Wall of Sound is a project realized originally for the Netlabel Festival Berlin 2009 to the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall!

The second podcast from UNOIKI features one of the rehearsal sessions of J-Lab and Dr.Nojoke.

Most of the samples are field recordings collected in summer 2009 along the route of the former Berlin Wall (more than 150 km).

The Berlin Wall of Sound is featured on radio aporee - a project site, where field recordings are uploaded and geotagged.
Every field recording is marked by a red point, so that the route of the former berlin wall becomes visible again.


Feel free to click on the red points and explore!

Listen how it sounds there today!

see below or visit radio aporee here


Watch trailer of the Berlin Wall of Sound



Artist: TRIoon

Title: Berlin Wall of Sound

Format: mp3

Art.#: UIPOD002

Release date: 14-02-2011

Artwork: Jonathan Mangelinckx