producer | SUI


Born in the Swiss Alps in 74,

early and deeply influenced by my older sister in new wave and musique concrète, my interest for weird and melancholic sounds have always been full part of my musical tastes.
Living the Alps for California during two years at the age of eighteen.

Then moved to Geneva in ´95, where the electronic music scene was merging from the undergrounds.

A year later, started to make intimate partys with a friend in an illegal bar, twice a week.

Raving some LFO, Studio 1, Autechre... The adventure ended 2 years after.

Then in 98, decided to go back to the peace of my mountains. Still tourmented by of all those twisted sounds, I decided to take the plunge within sonic sculpture... Bought a synth and started the Storlon project.

Storlon : main project
Infloria : dub influenced project

"Incapable de supporter la douleur de son amour perdu, qu'il ressentait dans chaque cellule de son corps, il substitua à ses os, à sa chair et à ses viscères du storlon, un métal flexible et invulnérable."
La Caste des Méta-Barons de Jodorowsky et Gimenez