Paralelo | TRIoon

live-act | GER | UK | ESP

TRIoon is an audio-visual and improvisational performance collective, that arose out of a commission to create a performance for the Netaudio London and Berlin showcase at the CTM09 festival in Berlin.


It's members musicians Dr.Nojoke (DE), J-Lab (UK) and multimedia/visual artist Servando Barreiro (ESP) are all based in Berlin.


Paralelo is the musical outfit only - J-Lab and Dr.Nojoke - without the visual part.


Exploring the realms of method, discipline, chaos, thought, feeling, boundaries, nation, culture and technology, Paralelo/TRIoon create a narrative in realtime - using guitar, a bass guitar, a box of children's instruments, found objects, a radio, FX, self-built Minitronics and laptops which they refuse to synchronise.


For the Netaudio Berlin 09 Festival they used field-recordings, videos & stills that were collected along the route of the former Berlin Wall from which they built a non-linear narrative evoking the change, fragility, intensity, stillness & memory of this infamous former frontier between 2 political ideologies that divided a city and a nation.

They show the former wall route in a way that is outside the perceptual realms of most Berliners and visitors to the city.


Recently Paralelo is working on an album for UNOIKI based on the project 'Berlin Wall of Sound'.



Berlin Wall of Sound project