producer | multimedia & performance artist | SUI



I was born in Zurich 1981.

Already as a young child, I did not understand music.
I'm working with electronic media arts and sounds since 2003 between Brooklyn and Zurich.

I'm all about: natural electronic interactive passive glitched international antinational multimedia, collaborative one-shot consumer loop time based art, sick soul, heavy mental and headhangin', cheesy listening, retro avantgarde, happy blues, idm beatbox, minimal maximal hip-techno and experimental mikro hop-house!


Nice Try Records released MRZ´s debut album "Secrets" in 2011.


-"mrz" soloproject as a researcher and producer in the field between experimental electronica and club music.

-"answering machine" is a sound performance with my modified analog telephone. The overpowered Shareholder receives too many Phone calls, which will be recorded and will be played back loud as a cumulating and rhytmic sound storm.

-"netpd", a jam-collaboration over the Internet in realtime -->


-"murky circuits", a murky electronica band with Django Voris and PJ Norman -->

-"Callboys", performance series with DJ Andaloop with a hacked telephon-network doing strange sounds and beats


-"algoritmo caliente", a performance series with my self constructed mobile audio-video loop-machine on a shopping-cart