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I am an electronic producer mainly working in the fields of techno & improvised music and a lot of my music is developed from recordings made during my improvised live sets. I've also done some soundart, am also a bassist and also involved in the organsation of the the 2008 London & 2009 Berlin Netaudio Festivals.

Started playing bass guitar as a teenager, moved to London in my early 20's & then started making electronic music. With my last band in London, we were running parties, a studio & a label. After the end of that project 9 years ago I started to work solo.

Moved over to working on a laptop & was involved in the Brighton Laptop Jams project, an open jam session for laptop musicians & VJ's held in Brighton and London. A core group of us also played festivals & locations such as Triptych in Scotland, Glastonbury, the Victoria & Albert Musuem and Denmark.

At the same time I was developing the idea of 'J-Lab'. After 2 years of experiemental music, I wanted to incorporate some of those elements into a more populist style (whilst still being underground), & as the love of techno & good electronic groove had not left me, it was a logical progression.

Since moving to Berlin at the beginning of 2009 (after spending more time here over the past 3 years) I have worked with Dr Nojoke & Servando Barreiro under the name TRIoon. We performed live at the 2009 Club Transmediale Festival in Berlin. I also started the Berlin Wall Of Sound field recording project for the Netaudio Berlin 09 Festival, which is hosted online by radio aporee. Together with Dr Nojoke & Servando, we recorded most of the former wall route in and around Berlin whilst compiling the project. We then used these recordings as the basis for our Netaudio Berlin 09 Festival appearance. I've also composed a film soundtrack, been working, remixing & gigging as J-Lab & playing bass for the Berlin band, Ganz Gut.