Producer | liveact | graphic designer | POR


Cleymoore is a sound explorer from Porto / Portugal.

Balancing between the complex combination of cold machine artificiality and the warm organicism of nature his musical structures are both dynamic and wonderful immersive. Detailed percussions, highly hypnotic pads, mystic melodies, fashioned rhythms and glitchy microscopic textures are subtly rendered to make your ears get lost in time and space. 


Growing up listening to different kinds of music from experimental electronica to prog-rock he was gifted by his father’s eclecticism, eploying a mixture between the worlds of groovy space disco, deep dubby house and extremely experimental minimal techno to his djsets.


Even though his career is young his production skills grew incredibly fast.

With music released on Sui Generiz, the big Connaisseur Recordings & some big ones coming up he's slowly proving himself to be one of the most promising artists coming from Portugal.


Cleymoore just launched a new platfrom for non-standard artists called Pluie/Noir