Andrés Marcos

producer | musician | liveact | SUI


Andrés-Marcos Revellado is a Spanish multi-instrumentalist based in Zurich, who started very early his musical formation.

Trained on jazz bass and double bass he plays also guitar, piano and drums he swims against the stream.

His approach to electronic music is strongly influenced by acoustic and improvised forms of music and electronic experimentation.


He has also worked for theatre companies as composer and performer and he played in diverse ensembles from hard rock groups to jazz big bands.

Constantly trying to break the boundaries between jazz and electronic music he neither liked rules nor had interest in guidelines nor wanted to do music of only one style.


Clarabella Olssen is his alter ego. Under this moniker he produces more spontaneous forms of music based on live recordings, illogical concepts and experimentation of new techniques.

He plays hardware/software/instrumental live acts focussed on improvisation and live performance.

He has released music on Multi Vitamins, Miniatura, HorsePlay, Music Kollektiv, Bleepsequence, Doma Musique and Stereo-Type.